.. I imagined the Earth as a room full of so many boxes. Each box represents a set of living beings. There is the box of mammals, that of insects, the box of plants and that of birds, etc. Each box contains all kinds of living things that belong to that species and that populate the Earth. In the box of the birds, for example, there are swallows, sparrows, robins and many other different Birds. Biodiversity is precisely this variety. It's important that each box contains the highest possible number of living beings each one different from the other so that the entire ecosystem can maintain its strength.
There are many species, and many are still waiting to be discovered!

Play with me:

La biodiversità


The game that I suggest is for all the children aged 5 to 10 years who are full of fantasy.
Imagine and draw a new animal species and then color it in a whole new way!

Colora con le foglie

Color with the leaves

This game is suitable for small children.
Print the drawings of animals that I suggest and color them using the fallen leaves of the trees.